Sedona Artist Market & Gallery

Welcome to our Sedona Artist Market Gallery, where you will discover more than 150 local artists who craft unique items. From art supplies to amazing wall art, and everything in-between, we have it. Located in West Sedona, just a few miles from the other art galleries, we hope you get the opportunity visit our massive 8,ooo sq. ft. gallery. We have the widest selection of local art in Sedona!

Experience Our Live Art Gallery 

The Live Art Gallery is a unique art shopping experience we are offering where you can see it here, go to the gallery and buy it. It's that simple.


Each artist is represented by showing one of their many works of art within the Live Art Gallery. As an  item is sold, we replace it with another one of a kind creation that is currently in the gallery. So, if you see it here in the Live Art Gallery, there is a good chance that particular piece of art is still available at the gallery.