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Photography of Glenn Tamblingson

National award-winning landscape photographer Glenn Tamblingson has an impressive display of his work at the Sedona Artist Market. Glenn specializes in landscape and flora fine art photography.

According to Glen, "Fine art photography is not a point and shoot process. It requires many hours if not days, weeks, or multiple trips over longer periods of time to capture that one magic moment where it all comes together. Those opportunities are special and are my art.

"The process continues with the captured image being optimized for printing and ultimately, viewing by you. This doesn't mean "Photoshopping" the image into something that doesn't resemble the original image. It means that for each type of light, each particular view and each mood then need to be brought to the print media. This often takes days.

"After that, we are ready to proceed to the printing process. All of my prints are meticulously tested before being individually printed in our studio on our large format Epson UltraChrome pigment printers. We print on the highest quality gloss or luster finished archive quality papers. Image prints are inspected personally by me prior to being signed and packaged to be shipped."