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Lou Adams and Spiritual Allegory

Lou Adams is a 30-year resident of Sedona, AZ, and holds an MFA from Claremont Graduate School.

A multitalented artist, Lou is known locally for 20 years of folding origami art pieces for Honshin Fine Art in Tlaquepaque Arts Village in Sedona. She is committed to reflect a prayer for peace in everything she creates.

Lou has taught art to small groups of women over the years. When she lived in California, she did commissions for hotels and interior decorators. She participated in the 2019 show at NOYES Salon de Arte in Sedona.

Lou's first love is oil painting. She has produced a body of work unique in its spiritual allegory. All of her work is transformational and comes through they mystery.

"I create portals for energy to move through. I allow the paintings to create through me. I understand that I co-create with a larger energy pattern to bring harmony and healing through the images.

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