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Khrystyna Kozyuk: Bold Oil Paintings

Khrystyna Kozyuk has displayed her fabulous oil paintings all over the world at exhibitions in Chicago, Madrid, and Luxembourg.

She says that much of her inspiration "comes from the world around us. When traveling I find myself appreciating all that the new landscapes have to offer."

Khrystyna spends a lot of her time exploring different traditions and cultures. "From the vibrant colored powders thrown during India’s Holi festival to the rich pigments seen in Native American headdresses; I create pieces that offer an abstract approach to these and other wondrous occurrences in our world."

Using an oversized canvas and paint allows Khrystyna to experiment with a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. She is creating her own technique using liquid paint, which allows her to put her own modern spin into each piece."

"My ultimate goal with my work is to open your eyes to the beauty that is around us by showing the viewer my feelings behind each piece."

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