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Elias Marshall

Elias Marshall is an Arizona native, born and raised in Phoenix. Having graduated from Metropolitan Arts Institute, he immersed himself in music, creative writing, and a variety of visual art media.

After moving to Flagstaff in 1999, he began metalworking by learning basic jewelry and silversmithing techniques, which eventually led to learning to weld. Always inspired by the stark natural beauty of the Southwest, Elias uses it as a theme in his work.

When working in metal, he uses various tools, similar to how a painter uses a brush to create texture. He likes to let the medium showcase its colors by creating a variety of patina finishes. These are achieved by using a combination of heat, chemistry, time, and the elements to create beautiful finishes on each piece.

Elias believes that Mother Nature creates art all around us. Whether in oxidized metal patina, the grain and colors of various woods, or the crystallization of rocks and minerals, the beauty of our planet is everywhere. He says, "It never ceases to awe and inspire me."