Arizona Desert Rain Chaparral

If you've ever hiked in the desert after the rain, this is what you smell: the amazing chaparral bush.

One of the oldest living plants, chaparral has been used by Southwest native tribes for teas, salves, ceremonial smudging, sunscreen, and a cure-all for internal and topical ailments.

MaziGrace, owner of and force behind Arizona Desert Rain, has always been drawn to nature and healing from Mother Earth. She lived in southeast Alaska for a time, and there learned how to make salves and tinctures and other healing plant medicines from the natives.

Grace treats harvesting chaparral, also known as creosote, as a sacred ceremony, thanking Mother Earth for her abundant gifts. "I bless all those who are going to benefit from it with meditation, drum ceremony, song and dance."

The organic oils and butters used in each preparation are free from harmful chemicals. Each batch is blessed with a reiki energy prayer once completed.

Stop by Grace's display in Booth 62B any day of the week from 10-5.

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