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Sedona Artist Market Welcomes Sheron and John Foster

Sheron Foster is a mixed media artist, water colorist, and pen and ink designer.

Having a background in the recovery, healing, and spiritual education arenas, she draws from a deep place within to create soothing yet empowering art pieces for the viewers' inner immersion with self-realization and inner guidance.

Goddess Yoni Art is her signature series. It is always created by her basking in the energy of groups of women honoring, healing, loving, and empowering each other.

Sheron lives and creates in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, with her husband ceramic artist John Foster.

John has lived in Sedona since 1999. He and Sheron married in 2008. Learning the artisan trade of boat building in the late 1970s led to a profession in finish carpentry for 35 years.

John changed his artistic medium for creation to clay in 2011 by starting classes at the Sedona Arts Center. He also is fortunate enough to be able to work out of his private studio, where he is fine-tuning the creative process and his love of the potter's wheel, with the freedom and coaching to expand his art.

A friend of John's recently commented, "While working with wood John has been great, with clay he has truly found his medium." Since starting with ceramics, John has found and is exploring many facets of the creative process and his pieces are showing up in private collections around the United States.