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Happy Trilobite Tuesday!

The American Museum of Natural History is all about #TrilobiteTuesday. We have a pretty decent collection of trilobites and other cool fossils here at the Sedona Artist Market, thanks to paleontologist Gael Summer, featured in a previous blog here.

This fine fellow is from the Phacops genus of trilobites and lived during the Middle Devonian Age (380 million years ago). It hails from the Anti-Atlas Mountains area in Morocco.

When it was alive, it looked something like this:

Trilobites were early arthropods, a phylum of hard-shelled creatures with multiple body segments and jointed legs. They are the single most diverse class of extinct organisms.

And this is a Plesiosaurus mauretanicus (Plesiosaur tooth) from the Upper Cretaceous Age, also found in Morocco.

Plesiosaurs were long-necked marine reptiles that lived from 215 million to 80 million years ago. And if you're curious as to what they looked like...

Gael has an amazing collection of other fossils, gemstones, carvings, and jewelry.

Stop by Booth 30-D2 to enjoy Gael's collection. We are open 10-5 every day.