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Michael McCormack: Multimedia Artist

Sedona resident Michael McCormack works with various types of media in order to bring his ideas to physical form. Through both visual arts and music, his work captures and creates a moment for the viewer/listener, letting them explore the possibilities of the human imagination.

Michael's artwork is full of brilliant colors and illustrious designs and ranges from various styles such as surrealism, expressionism, realism, and abstraction.

Primarily an impressionist artist with an additional focus of creating surreal dreamlike landscapes, Michael tests the acute harmony of the light spectrum by using both dim and vibrant color palettes.

Some works may convey a transformation of an actual destination, while other pieces are extracted from Michael's subconscious.

Michael's approach to making artwork captures the internal monologue of an individual, and subsequently evolve into very textural, spirited pieces of work.

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day from 10-5 to see Michael's artwork in Booth 20A.