Walking Crow: Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine

Walking Crow births his Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine by first creating sacred water to soak the hides. The water contains elements such as tobacco, cedar, White Mountain sage, and four pieces of the fruit/flowers from the property where the drums are made.

The hides and ties are placed in the water at sundown to soften the hide. They are joined as one in a ceremony that includes prayer, drumming, singing of sacred songs, and offering tobacco.

Gratitude and thanks are expressed to the animal for offering its self to be rebirthed in a new vibration.

The next day at sunrise, the hide is removed from the sacred water, and sage is offered to honor and thank the spirit of the animal. The frame, also known as the tree or grandmother, is prepared by smudging with sage and smoking tobacco, blowing the smoke through the frame with intentional prayer.

The animal and the tree are brought together by stretching the hide over the frame and stretching the lacing while tying the drum together. The completed drum is then set out to dry for 3-5 days to ensure that the elements of animal and tree are completely dry.

The completed Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine will then be used in sacred ceremony as a reminder of where we came from and our connection to the first sound we heard.

Come and see Walking Crow's Transformational Sacred Drum Medicine in Booth 47 at the Sedona Artist Market, 10-5 every day.

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