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Happy Bread, Baklava and Hiking Day!

No doubt you already knew what a special day Sunday, November 17th is bound to be. On no other day of the year can you hit the amazing trifecta of National Homemade Bread Day, Baklava Day and National Hiking Day. So here's how this works in Sedona.

Artist Steve Simon

Artist Steve Simon at Sedona Artist Market

First, pick up a fine loaf of fresh homemade bread at Sedona Memories. You may need it on your hike.

Next, choose from any one of 130 or more hiking trails, some within Sedona's city limits, all in the Red Rock District of the Coconino National Forest. No matter which one(s) you pick, gorgeous red rock scenery will fill your gaze to capacity as you walk. You can journey far or keep it short. Either way you'll see your fill of beautiful and unique landscape features.

Artist Brent Jones at Sedona Artist Market

Afterward, if you're feeling naughty enough - or like you've earned it - head to the Far Side Bistro, a Middle Eastern restaurant fifteen minutes south of Sedona in Cottonwood, for your baklava.

Artist Peter Gassner at Sedona Artist Market

But let's face it, the best part of the day will be the hike. To better remember all the jaw dropping rock formations along the way, make sure you stop at Sedona Artist Market. Here you will find stunning local landscapes captured with the lens and with the brush.

Artist Steve Simon at Sedona Artist Market

So come on in and find inspiration for your next hike.