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Rock Art by Janyse Florek

Janyse Florek describes herself as an artist through desire, schooled by hands-on life experience. She found joy in crafting a ring out of a peach pit while a Girl Scout, constructing a tank out of a large cardboard box, art projects at school, and gardening with her parents. All of these events fed an innate desire to create, design, and build things from materials or items that were just lying around.

Janyse was introduced to rock art by her sister-in-law, Devorah Curtis, who Janyse calls the "true artist in the family." Curtis made rock art a family endeavor, employing five family members at one point. Eventually, only Janyse remained.

Janyse retired from rock art last year. She had a large stockpile remaining which is what she displays at Sedona Artist Market.

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