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Lys Saint Aubin: Watercolors Inspired by Nature

Lys Saint Aubin has been a painter ever since she can remember.

In the small town of Coronel Bogado, Paraguay, where Lys grew up, her mother's art was prominent. Lys says she is a "mere shadow of the giant" her mother represented.

Describing herself as introverted by nature, Lys says that painting brings out a part of her that connects with people's souls. She's been told that her art has healing qualities.

She learned at a young age the value of the lesson that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

After working as a real estate agent for many years, a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer alerted Lys to the message: "Do what you love."

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day, 10-5, to see Lys's beautiful art!