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John Post: Inspired by Sedona

After 21 years as elementary art teacher in Michigan, John Post traded the classroom for a Sedona studio.

John's wife Ruth makes the adorable felted succulents that we loved so much we moved them from the booth to our front desk...where one was purchased almost immediately!

John finds that the beauty of Sedona's colors resonates with his artistic sensibilities. They speak to him as he strives to create quiet, subtle pieces informed by the nature surrounding him.

His main focus is on functional pottery that is designed to be used in the kitchen and on the table. All of his pieces are food-safe and can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

John fires his work to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit (cone 10) because he likes the way the clay body and glazes intermingle and melt into each other, becoming quite stone-like at that temperature.

The speckles in the glaze come from red iron in the clay reacting with the atmosphere in the kiln. This is the same iron that gives the rocks of Sedona their famous red color.

When asked what his favorite color is, John's reply is always, "Rust!"

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day of the week. We are here 10-5 in the Harkins Plaza. You can find John's beautiful ceramics in Booth 42A.