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Happy Sweetest Day

We know, we know. This sounds like one of those Hallmark made-up holidays designed to get you to spend money on cards and flowers and candy.

But Sweetest Day actually started out as Candy Day over 100 years ago. In 1916, the National Confectioners' Association designated the third Saturday in October as a day to make a difference through acts of kindness.

Why not celebrate today by sharing a kind thought, a small gift, or a gesture of kindness?

We're happy to help you pick out a special gift. We're here 10-5 every day and have a wide variety of art in so many different forms. Perfect gifts for Sweetest Day!

Gary James

Owl Feather Studio

Kathryn Johnson

Victoria Page

Ray Jonas

Cyndie Koopsen

June Payne Hart

Urban Gypsies

Jenny Emminger