Feline Good!

(Julia's boy, Gus!)

August 8 is International Cat Day (we're posting early so you can start celebrating in advance)! The staff at Sedona Artist Market have a great appreciation for our feline friends. While it may not be quite as intense as that of the ancient Egyptians, who held cats in the highest esteem and worshipped a cat goddess whom they called Bastet, we remain ardent admirers.

(Julia's girl, Pru!)

(McKenzie's boy, Rocco!)

(Constance's girl, Farrah!)

(Constance's boy, Knox!)

(Constance's girl, Reuben!)

(Sonia's Rosie, aka Reem Peem Peem!)

(Sonia's boy, Man Stripes!)

Several vendors at SAM have cat-themed art. Come in and check it out! We're open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(June Payne Hart)

(Janet Jones)

(Wisdom Arts)

(June Payne Hart)

(Janet Jones)

(Wisdom Arts)

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