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Heartfelt Flatware Creations

We've highlighted Trish Koch's amazing flatware art previously. Check it out here.

But Trish recently changed up her display and is now offering even more pieces that showcase her creativity.

All pieces are crafted from various metals: stainless steel, silver plate, and sterling silver.

From magnets to mobiles, diffusers to phone rests, and rings, bracelets, and necklaces, Trish fashions all her whimsical creations from humble utensils.

Trish says, "Each item has been created from my heart and handcrafted with positive intentions for the wearer to receive that which is for their greatest good."

All of Trish's pieces come with a complimentary fabric bag--perfect for gift-giving.

Stop by and see what's new in Trish's display, now at Booth 61B.

The Sedona Artist Market is open 10-5 every day!