Ken Barnes

Ken Barnes has always been fascinated with the production of a thing of function and beauty from a piece of raw clay and a few chemicals.

Born in Yorkshire, England, he studied ceramics for several years before immigrating to Michigan in 1981 where he continued to study and foster his addiction to clay.

Ken says clay is the perfect medium. "After a rough day one can become completely absorbed in throwing a complex form on the wheel and forget the rigors of daily life. This became very important during my other job days as an engineering manager. The daily stress has reduced since my retirement from the engineering world which leaves me more time to be creative in clay. It is a medium in which one never ceases to learn."

Ken has worked at the Sedona Arts Center and is a working member of the Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramic Arts in Clarkdale, where he produces the majority of his pieces.

Ken's work tends toward a functional nature while maintaining a unique quality normally associated with specially commissioned items. Over the years, his approach to art has been one of constant evolution and while his main interest is wheelwork, he continues to encompass all aspects of ceramics in order to maintain a keen interest in the art form.