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Alex Stern: Litebox Design

If you haven't been to the Sedona Artist Market in the last 2 months, you haven't seen one of our most exciting artists: Alex Stern!

With a background in retail, Alex cites working at gift shops as inspirational, particularly her time at Things Remembered, where she got the idea that engraving might be a useful skill.

She has turned that skill into an amazing business: Litebox Design, which is part of an artists collective with two other Flagstaff business owners.

An Arizona native (she has lived in Flagstaff for over 20 years), Alex has been creating her unique art for 2 years.

To create her laser-cut pieces, she prefers to work mainly with wood since, as she says, it smells like a campfire when she's working, as opposed to other materials like cork, acrylic, or leather, which do not produce an especially appealing smell.

Though wood is her main medium, Alex has fun with all manner of recycled and found materials, as well as spray paint and glitter.

Most of her pieces are made from cherry, maple, and walnut woods. At the Sedona Artist Market, you'll find dangle and post earrings, keychains, and ornaments, among other items.

Alex's designs are inspired by sacred geometry, Japanese family crests, and nature.

She has created logos for large corporations and has a thriving wholesale business, but she especially likes making one-of-a-kind items and custom orders.

"I love to solve other people's problems," she says. "If someone asks, 'Can you put a logo on this,' the answer is, 'Yes, I can!'"

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market any day of the week, 10-5, to pick up some of Alex's amazing wood-cut jewelry and ornaments!

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