Sheryl Rogers and SoulScapes

Sheryl Rogers has been an artist for over 14 years. She first started doing artwork through her own personal journey of healing.

Over time she has developed her intuition and healing abilities through her artwork. It is through her spiritual and energetic connection to the etheric realm that she is able to channel the images and frequencies of the soul and express these images into pieces of art on a canvas or in drawings.

Sheryl uses a multitude of color in acrylic paints, pastels, and penciled crayons to express the images and frequencies that come through her. These images and colors, then, assist the viewer to become balanced and to release old patterns of behavior, beliefs, and thought-forms, while raising the individual's frequency and vibration to promote healing and growth.

Sheryl encourages viewers of her work to use the title and interpretation as a guideline to begin their own journey. "Allow your inner wisdom and intent to align and attune to the healing energies of each image."

Sheryl shares a display space with Sage of Grace. Stop by to visit Sheryl any day of the week from 10-5.

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