Do What You Love with Only Love in Mind

As a child, Elizabeth Silk was raised by her grandparents in Merseyside, England (Liverpool). Her parents were an English mother and a Native American Sioux father. In her adult life, Elizabeth has followed her Native American ancestral beliefs. She portrays American Indians as passionate, proud, and strong. Romancing a freedom of their soul that lives through us all, Elizabeth awakens an undaunted Spirit and allows it to emerge.

Elizabeth has studied at the Laird School of Art, Wallasey Art College, and Liverpool Polytechnic. She has shown her art in and around the United States and Europe, including the prestigious Liverpool Art Gallery.

Since the mid-1990s, Elizabeth has lived in Sedona. Elizabeth’s style changed dramatically upon being introduced to Sedona, from stoic to free, by a message she received when struggling with what to promote: “Do what you love, with only love in mind, and people will want to buy it.”

The first year, it proved to be so. Tourists loved her work and were moved so deeply that they wished to meet the artist personally, and she often obliged. “To be able to make such a significant impression on people is terrific!”

Elizabeth is now displaying paintings at Sedona Artist Market, which is open every day from 10 to 5.

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