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Dragonfly Gypsies

Dragonflies have always held a special meaning for artist Shari Courtney, who creates luminous works of art under the name Dragonfly Gypsies.

Shari first began selling her pieces to Disneyland and local stores. After experiencing a recurring dream of dragonflies with glass wings and Swarovski crystals, Shari became inspired to make the vision a reality. Her magical dragonflies were embraced by friends, family, and businesses across the country.

Shari says that one of her greatest honors as an artist was an endorsement by Swarovski, who contacted her personally to see if they could take a dragonfly sun-catcher and display it in their booth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

Working with daughter Lauren and family, Shari creates as many dragonflies as possible to share with the world. Their loving attention goes into each piece.

Stop by and visit Shari's beautiful dragonfly creations at the Sedona Artist Market in Booth 36, every day, 10-5.