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Alberto Nino: Roman Empire Mosaics

Alberto Nino brings an impressive display to the Sedona Artist Market.

His wall of Roman Empire Mosaic art shows off Alberto's skill with using leftover materials from his job as a tile installer here in Sedona.

Alberto began making mosaic images about 2 years ago. He considers himself a Roman Empire enthusiast and enjoys learning about the culture.

According to curator Alexis Belis, author of Roman Mosaics in the J. Paul Getty Museum, Roman mosaics feature action scenes, violent hunts, and exotic creatures. Although the Greeks originated the art of figural mosaics using pebbles in mortar. the Romans took the art form to the next level by using tesserae (cubes of stone, ceramic, or glass) to form intricate, colorful designs. Blending art and home décor, Roman mosaics were commissioned to adorn and impress guests inside private homes and villas.

Alberto uses various materials such as marble stone to assemble the pieces to create a classic image similar to those made during the Roman Empire period.

Displayed as wall art, Alberto's mosaics can be used as tables, kitchen backsplash or floor entry tiles, and interior/exterior walls.

Alberto is happy to create custom orders and work with YOUR ideas!

Visit Alberto and our other 100+ local artists at the Sedona Artist Market, every day, 10-5.