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Happy 2019!

The Sedona Artist Market wishes you all a very Happy New Year!

(Max Knauss)

We look forward to another year of bringing you beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade art. It is a great privilege to be your one-stop source for local art and art supplies!

For some of us, the promise of a new year brings the burden of expectations, promises, and (unrealistic) goals.

(Steve Simon)

(Urban Gypsies)

(Brian Myers)

We recommend keeping things simple.

(Brenda Clark)

(Julia DeGraf)

Focus on kindness, love, and gratitude . . .

(Cindy Koopsen)

(Marlene Besso)

(June Hart)

(Elly Sands)

Peace, beauty, friendship . . .

(Josh Esquivel)

(Jenny Emminger)

(Myra Shutt)

(Owl Studio)

And don't forget...

(Max Knauss)

Happy New Year from SAM!