Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography refers to the process in which the camera is manipulated to make a life-sized subject look like a miniature-scale model.

Cameras and special lenses can be used to shift the most focused part of an image to create unique and interesting effects.

When you tilt the lens, you point it at a slightly different angle from the typical straight approach, and when you shift the lens, you’re moving it up or down to achieve the desired effect.

At one time, all cameras were tilt-shift cameras until compact cameras became popular, at which point, the tilt/shift mechanism was too expensive to add to the existing lens.

These days, you need a special lens to do tilt-shift photography. The lens attaches to your digital SLR and allows you to change the view angle or shift the lens.

Using the tilt-shift lens in conjunction with a wide aperture creates an unusually small depth of field. Subjects closer to and farther away from the small focus point range will be blurry.

Many photo editing programs, including Photoshop, allow you to create this effect.

Find out how to create your own tilt-shift photographs here:


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