David Cabillot's Talking Sticks

The Native American talking stick is a symbol of respect, used during tribal council meetings to keep order and demonstrate courtesy. Only the person holding the stick may talk; everyone else must wait their turn until the stick is passed to them.

Crafted by hand and typically made of natural materials such as leather, antler, and wood, and decorated with feathers, crystals, and gemstones, talking sticks are fun to collect and make great gifts. If you're looking for rustic Southwest decor ideas, you will love these unique pieces.

The Sedona Artist Market is happy to feature artist David Cabillot, who creates unique talking sticks that are hand-beaded with a variety of materials.

Stop by David's booth to start your own collection of talking sticks.

(top) "Sedona Sunrise Vortex" saguaro talking stick, (bottom) "Celtic Runes" occotillo talking stick

"Boundless Love" talking stick made from maple root and decorated with garnets and glass beads

Manzanita talking stick with copal, coral, and glass beads

"Queen of Cups" talking stick made of Ponderosa pine, with malachite, lapis, abalone, juniper ghost beads, glass beads

"Union" talking stick made from Apache plume, malachite, white lace agate, feathers, dentalium shells

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