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Spirit Heart Art: Sacred Stone Talisman

Artist David Davis moved to Sedona in 1994, where he became a tour guide and apprenticed for ten years with Gary Nielson, a phenomenal stone carver.

David describes his pieces as intentional jewelry, designed to bring out the gifts and the highest good of the wearer.

Praying and chanting as he works, David tunes the frequency of the stone.

Ammonite (Madagascar). These 300-million-year-old fossils are infused with calcite and other minerals, giving the argonite or mother of pearl its amazing opalescent fire. The Sacred Spiral is repeated throughout nature from molecules to DNA to galaxies.

ammonite with opal and pearl inlay; necklace and earrings: citrine, quartz, and water buffalo beads

(left) ammonite with opal inlay; (right) ammonite with opal and pearl

(below) ammonite with opal and quartz inlay

Herkimer diamonds are a quartz crystal found only in Herkimer County, NY. They are some of the most optically clear and lustrous crystals in the world and are said to be stones of inner vision, useful for dreaming, energy work, and meditation.

Herkimer diamonds in matrix, hand-set in natural dolomite

Ammonite (Russian). This 300-million-year-old fossil was preserved under low-oxygen conditions that favored the precipitation of iron pyrite, which replaced and grew around the shell. The outer shell has been carefully polished away to reveal the chambers within. Iron pyrite is said to activate healing energies.

ammonite on handmade nylon cord

ammonite on double-helix macrame linen

Ammonite with Herkimer diamond

and 44-strand double-helix macrame of waxed Irish linen