Julie March: Re-CreARTed

Julie March has dabbled creatively with many different forms over the years, from pottery and writing to gardening and interior design, sewing, painting, and many gray areas in between...

She is also a "treasure hunter" and loves to find used items and integrate them into creative projects. That is how ReCre-ARTed began to evolve. "When out and about at thrift stores, yard sales, etc., I gather bits and pieces that I sense may grow into something, never knowing what that may be."

Most of the materials Julie uses are secondhand--including paint, glue, nails, and most of the tools. "I find joy in the alchemy of using some of the excess stuff that we all seem to have through creating unique contraptions."

Julie does her best to make many of her pieces "FUNktional" with no particular theme other than "use what already is."

Visit Julie's booth, and you just may walk away with a sense of inspirational repurposing.

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