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Leila Kirkley: Still Life Painter

Art is Leila Kirkley's third career. After working for 11 years in mental health and 25 years as a psychotherapist, she had high standards for her next career as a still life painter.

Leila's philosophy is that "painting an object that is inherently beautiful will only succeed in making it look banal."

"I'm not at all attracted to elaborate antiques or exotic settings," Leila says. "To me, high art is imbuing simple objects with uncommon beauty and life through arrangement, edges, composition, and color."

According to Leila, still life should be anything but "still."

"My point of view is often straight on at eye level, which is typical of my approach to life."

Leila doesn't begin with detailed drawings, as they evolve over time.

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market every day from 10-5 (except major holidays) to visit Leila and our other 100 local artists.