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In the Palm of Your Hand

If you have friends and family who live far away, it's time to start thinking about gifts that are easy to mail.

At the Sedona Artist Market, we have beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art in every size: from 5 ft. x 4 ft. paintings to tiny crystals.

Stop by for a wide variety of gifts that fit in the palm of your hand!

(handmade Mayan doll from Tish's Treasures)

(obsidian owl from Jan and Nelson Avery)

(ceramic kokopelli from CrystalStarWeaver)

(clay art from Gary Golden)

(beaded Hamsa bracelets from Urban Gypsies)

(soapstone cat from David and Nicole Lavoie)

(ceramic sun magnet from Brenda Clark)

(metal javelina from Claudia Cooke)

(leather hair clip from Charles and Virginia Cagely)

(ceramic heart from Cyndi Koopsen)

(glass art from Ruth Cornell)

(goat milk soap from Heather Hakola)