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Kokopelli: I Hear Your Gentle Music Play

(Kathy O'Connell)

The warmth of the first spring day,

I hear your gentle music play.

A gift you bring to all who hear,

the poetic beat of your lyre.

(Hildegard Szuklitch)

(Janys Florek)

From ancient times and legends of old,

your hypnotic music has been fortold.

A soft, warm and strange melody,

dancing into the night endlessly.


(Claudia Cooke)

Come, stranger from a distant place,

infuse us with your warmth and face.

Your song alludes of ancient history,

A past ingrained of starlight mystery.

(Myrna Slason)

(Mark Vranesh)

Today your meaning still the same.

No past has washed away your name.


I hear those words in my dream!

(Julia DeGraf)

Kokopelli poem by Rebecca Wiles