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Shaeri Richards and the "Zen Dude"

"I love to express myself," says Shaeri Richards, and she does so through many creative outlets, including writing, music, improv theater, and filmmaking.

Her most recent endeavour is Zen painting, which she studied with Zen Master painter Alok Hsu Kwang-han here in Sedona.

Zen painting is also known as Sumi-e, which translates to "black ink painting." Introduced to Japan by Zen monks, this type of art soon became popular for its relation to Zen practice, in which reality is expressed by reducing it to its most pure form.

Shaeri's display of Zen art at the Sedona Artist Market showcases the technical mastery and beautiful simplicity of the art form. Her pieces, using the traditional black ink on rice paper, are unique and minimalistic, featuring the red accent stamp known as a chop--a symbol with a specific meaning, such as "health," "nature," and "clean heart."

Included in Shaeri's booth is the movie she and her husband made about her teacher, Alok, and his way of life. You can watch the trailer of the film right in our store, and the DVD, titled "The Life and Art of a Zen Dude" is available for sale.

​Stop by the view Shaeri's Zen art and learn more about the "Zen Dude!"