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Tom Gleason

Tom Gleason lived in New York most of his life. At a young age he became a union carpenter and from there went into business for himself. He has always enjoyed creating things with his hands. Kitchen and bathroom installation soon became his specialty. As his company grew he incorporated and with some clients in hand he began building ski homes in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. This is where he found his love for nature and wildlife -- hiking, camping, and skiing every chance he got.

Tom discovered paracord in the 1990s and was very impressed with its strength, light weight, and many uses. It is a very versatile cordage originally developed and used by the military for parachute cord and other applications. He began using it during camping trips and soon made sure to always have a spool of it in his construction vehicles.

He began looking for compact ways to store and carry power cord so he would always have it on hand, weaving it into bracelets, key chains, belts, rifle slings, and replacing all his shoelaces with it. The key chains and bracelets can be clipped right on one's backpack or person so you always have it handy. All of these paracord items can be unraveled and used for many things, such as tying down equipment, lashing shelters, wrapping tools for a better grip, or making a sling, splint, or tourniquet. The inside has seven smaller strands that can easily be removed and used for fishing line, sewing thread, stitching, or dental floss. Tom makes a survival bracelet that has a compass, whistle, knife, and flint enclosed in the clasp.

Tom retired three years ago and he and his wife Lori moved to Sedona. Come see Tom's work at Sedona Artist Market, open seven days a week from 10 to 5.

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