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Mark Andrew: Right Brain/Left Brain

According to Mark Andrew, the right brain is the artist, and the left brain is the engineer.

"My right brain comes up with all kinds of designs and leaves it to the engineer to figure out how to make it. Every time the engineer makes something, the artist ups the ante, and the design becomes more complex."

Mark makes his one-of-a-kind jewelry with a variety of gemstones, including larimar, white buffalo, labradorite, shattuckite, and chrysocolla.

But it's most likely the turquoise you'll notice, sourced from mines including Kingman, Royston, Bisbee, Castle, Dome, Number 8, and Sleeping Beauty. Mark also features pieces with turquoise from a mine in Queensland Territory, Australia, that has been closed for nearly 60 years.

As if Mark's designs aren't unique enough, the method he uses to construct his jewelry is completely original. He constructs his necklaces and pendants with very strong magnets that allow the buyer to mix and match the pieces in any number of arrangements. It makes his process more time-consuming and difficult, but it provides significant flexibility in the variety of his jewelry. All pieces are interchangeable!

Mark likes to combine his precious stones with splash copper to create a more unique look than the typical Southwest jewelry that features sterling silver. This also allows Mark to keep his prices lower.

You'll also find pieces with Zuni fetishes, buffalo teeth, buffalo nickels, and Indian pennies.

Stop by the Sedona Artist Market to create your own custom design with Mark!

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