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Need a Watch?

Pssst! Hey! Need a watch? We've got a nice assortment to choose from...

Many watches can be found in Gary James' case at the front of the store. Gary acquires many of his pieces from auction. He takes care of any needed repairs and changes out any broken or ugly stones.

Other watches can be found in Mary Navajo's display. Mary represents 11 Native American tribes, working with a wide variety of skilled artisans.

Watches, developed in the 1500s, were originally carried in the pocket, attached to one's clothing, or worn as pendants. They have evolved from being a useful tool to beautiful jewelry and/or a fashion statement.

Come check out our watches, other jewelry, paintings, photographs, ceramics, music, books, quilts, gemstones, clothing, and more at Sedona Artist Market. We're open 10 to 5 every day.

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