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National Read A Book Day

National Read A Book Day is observed annually on September 6th. On August 9th, we celebrated National Book Lovers Day. While these bookish days may seem similar, National Read a Book Day invites us all to grab a book we might enjoy and spend the day reading.

Don’t keep it to yourself. Share the experience! Read aloud either to children or to grandparents. Read to your pets or to your stuffed animals and plants.

Reading improves memory and concentration as well as reduces stress. Older adults who spend time reading show a slower cognitive decline and tend to participate in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetime. Books are an inexpensive entertainment, education, and time machine, too! - National Day Calendar

Several of our vendors sell fascinating, in-depth books on local subjects. Julie McDonald, for example, has written several volumes, including her "Saints and Scoundrels" series, covering colorful characters of Arizona and the Grand Canyon, and her "Unbreakable Dolls" studies of Arizona's pioneer women.

McDonald also penned a pamphlet on our town's namesake: Sedona Schnebly.

Elizabeth Bishop has written several books on a range of subjects, including romance, animals, and poetry. She also writes children's stories.

We join Julie and Elizabeth in welcoming you to the Sedona Artist Market, where we also sell art supplies.