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Worry Dolls and Fair Trade

According to Guatemalan legend, when children go to bed at night they tell one worry to each doll and then place the dolls under their pillows. In the morning the dolls have taken away all their worries.

The purchase of these dolls supports fair trade—a social movement with the goal of helping producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. The movement, or partnership, creates improved environmental and social standards and contributes to sustainable development, primarily in Latin American countries.

Here at the Sedona Artist Market, vendor Tish Siemion imports her crafts from Guatemala. By encouraging fair trade there, Trish’s business helps support new Montessori schools, medical services and business development. She says it’s satisfying to know that the movement enables marginalized, indigenous people find a global market for their crafts.

So by purchasing Tish’s products—especially her worry dolls—you’re helping to lessen the worries of the very talented craftspeople of Guatemala.

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