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Steve Love: Photographer

Steve Love was born in Georgia but grew up in Michigan, moving to Arizona in 1995.

He did some drawing and oil painting in high school but didn't pursued it beyond something to do in his spare time as a hobby.

Around 2003 Steve got his first computer and began experimenting with creating digitally based artwork and illustrations. He especially enjoyed creating images in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He took up photography because he needed reference images for his digital illustrations.

In 2006 he discovered that he could make money selling his photographs through stock photo agencies. He is self-taught and learned through trial and error.

Over time, he perfected his skills, and he now sell his photos not only through Sedona Artist Market but also Raku Gallery in Jerome, Getty Images, BigStock, ShutterStock, and American Furniture Warehouse.

Three years ago, Steve started experimenting with HDR photography, which is short for “High Dynamic Range.” It entails taking two or more exposures at different shutter and aperture settings of the same subject and merging the multiple images into 32 bit HDR color. This technique brings out colors and contrasts that are simply not visible in straight single shot photography.

Come see Steve's work at Sedona Artist Market, open 10-5 every day.