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Mike Koopsen: Photographer

There are few places that claim more beautiful landscape than Sedona, Arizona. Mike Koopsen captures the soul-enriching essence of Sedona and the surrounding area. He balances composition with interlocking synergy, exciting both the visual and the emotional senses and transforming scenes into art.

Mike has always been passionate about the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us. It is one of the reasons he moved to Sedona. His desire to capture the spirit of the moment and preserve it for others to enjoy has never diminished. Mike began taking photographs more than 25 years ago when he experimented with black and white film to capture images of favorite horses. Success in that initial venture sparked a passion for wildlife, landscape, and cultural photography that resulted in many wonderful journeys across almost every continent and through almost 70 countries. Some of his most thrilling adventures have occurred here in the American Southwest.

During these many journeys, Mike spent time in places where very few people ever venture. It is in these places where he experiences a deep sense of awe, excitement, and inspiration which he tries to capture and share for others to enjoy. Seeking out the awesome beauty of nature brings with it the adventure of exploration and the wonder of seeing things in a special light. Mike’s award-winning images have been published in books and magazines, as well as newspapers, and have been used in many brochures, videos, and websites.

Mike hopes his images will inspire others to seek out a richer, more personal connection with nature and increase everyone’s awareness of the fragile and precious nature of our environment and the need to protect it so future generations can enjoy the wonder he has been blessed to experience.