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Successful Inner Journey

Mary Ann Winiger felt there was more to life than what she had been experiencing. So, in 1973, her search for meaning and fulfillment took her to India, where she spent the next 25 years with spiritual teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later Osho). Mary Ann says she "touched some amazing spaces" within herself under his tutelage, but after he died she found herself still searching.

After studying with several other teachers, Mary Ann had a Human Design reading that ended her inner search with a meaningful discovery: the realization that she needed to stop initiating and wait to respond. And, she says, this changed everything. Since then, Mary Ann has traveled to several countries to give Human Design workshops. She also loves beading and says she appreciates the energy and joy that move her to create her popular Sun Catchers.

In 1994, Mary Ann moved to Sedona with her husband and "relaxed into being me." Her book about her inner journey, "A Revolution of One," has been translated into four languages and is available on her website,

We join Mary Ann in welcoming you to the Sedona Artist Market, where we now sell art supplies.

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