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Wood Whispers

Genna Cohen's love for the arts began at an early age. Her father was an industrial arts teacher at inner city schools in St. Louis. He taught her about his passion for creating art every chance they were together. Wood was his favorite medium, and it's Genna's too.

It was Genna's father's dream for her to explore her creative side, and they had many talks about what tools to use and what projects to make. Although he passed away last fall, Genna says his spirit stays with her.

Genna's husband and four children are a constant source of inspiration, and she says their unwavering support is beautiful beyond words.

Genna loves Arizona and takes to the trails often. She has great love for travel, family, and cherished memories with her father.

She says, "When I pick up a piece of wood, it whispers to me, and I am once again in the shop with my father."

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