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Universal, Divine Alignment

CrystalStarWeaver says her raison d’être is “to align your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit,” and she describes herself as a universal, divine, alignment facilitator. In addition to providing empowermental intuitive sessions, Sedona spiritual journeys, end-of-life celebrations, crystal grid readings, re-birthing, angel feather blessings, and van tours, she also conducts weddings. And there are various styles to choose from: Native American, life journey, medicine wheel, same gender, and more. To enhance these ceremonies, CrystalStarWeaver offers—among other services—chakra balancing, smudging, water blessings, unity bowls, and metaphysical tools.

Here at the Sedona Artist Market, her shelves showcase an intriguing variety of goods: bird houses made from moss, twigs and crystals; organic, handmade soaps; Hobbit jewelry; ghost beads; and vortex rocks made from local red sandstone, to name just a few.

Vortex rocks are reputed to assist in eliminating blockages, grounding and aligning self with a Higher Self. They were formed in the ocean waters of Sedona millions of years ago and are believed to have been used by shamans for comfort, peace, astral travels, journeying, and connecting to ET and multi-dimensional energies.

The ghost beads are dried juniper berries which Navajo and other Native American tribes used for necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, and protection from bad dreams and ghosts. CrystalStarWeaver says the beads represent interconnection with nature, animals and humans, in addition to bringing peace, harmony, and safety to the wearer.

We join CrystalStarWeaver in welcoming you to the Sedona Artist Market, where we now sell art supplies.