Gina Covel and Crystalline Essence

Gina Covel is a true healer. With a background in nursing and a love of animals and nature, she is skilled in hands-on healing and dowsing. Various paths led her to gain further knowledge in aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, the healing properties of crystals. After receiving a book about how to make and use gem elixirs. Gina found that she "was compelled almost daily to create elixirs – from individual crystals, combinations of crystals, art work, and things." And thus, Crystalline Essence was born, and with it, Gina's Chakra Elixirs, Angel Mists, and Vibrational Sprays.

Gina says the Angel Mists are "filled with warm hugs and pure LOVE, these sprays surround you in a golden cocoon of protective energies that encourage and support transformation."

Her Vibrational Sprays are "filled with frequencies taken from my vast collection of elixirs . . . and move one gently through emotional layers into higher states of equilibrium."

Her Heart Chakra Elixir (one of 9 Chakra Elixirs) contains vibrational energies of amethyst, an expansion, dioptase, eternal youth, kunzite, malachite, and yarrow essential.

We're proud to carry these as well as Animal Spirit Sprays, Clearing Sprays, and Massage and Bath Oils.

Come visit the Sedona Artist Market to try some of Gina's life-changing sprays and mists: Vibrational Products That Reach the Heart of Your Soul!

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