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Alejandra Villalobos Fine Jewelry

Alejandra Villalobos has had a lifetime of creativity although, until recently, much of it was only imagined. Many of her Russian Facebook friends had been making embroidered jewelry, and Alejandra, who was spending much of her time at home with her young son, decided to teach herself the art. When she was finally able to translate the exquisite designs she had been visualizing into tangible works, the world began to take notice.

Alejandra was soon chosen as a finalist in a Russian embroidered jewelry contest, and some of her necklaces were featured on the back covers of two issues of the Ukrainian Journal of Beadwork and Needlework. Shortly after, her work was noticed by acclaimed clothing and swimsuit designer Koco Blaq, known for dressing such luminaries as Madonna and Britney Spears. Thanks to Blaq, Alejandra’s jewelry has graced the necks of runway models in L.A., Miami and Beverly Hills. She has also been interviewed on Univision in Phoenix. Her dream is to attract more customers from around the world.

We join Alejandra in welcoming you to the Sedona Artist Market, where you can now purchase art supplies.


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