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Soul Formations

A casual observer of Rae Ebeling’s stick-and-stone sculptures would assume they are three-dimensional objets d’art. Ebeling points out, however, that there is a fourth dimension—an oft-overlooked dimension of the spirit. Sticks and stones, and the spirit residing in them, are the body and soul of each piece. Her art is the manifestation of a connection between the universe and herself. She says she is happy to extend this connection to all who appreciate her work.

As personal talismans, or spirit objects, each of Ebeling’s pieces has more than a mere visual aspect. She leaves space in each creation for the viewer to add his/her own unique personal energy.

Ebeling’s sculptures are synchronicities: the materials (which she refers to as flotsam of the universe), herself (the artist), and you (the viewer). The possessor of the spirit object becomes the next link in the synchronicities. All is connected.

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