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Nadine Booth: Glass Artist

Nadine Booth says, “When I was growing up, my creative Mom tried to find my artistic side and my creative niche. Mom’s mission was to take my sister and me to as many creative classes as she could find. There (were) ice skating, oil painting, piano lessons, sewing, cooking, needlework, ceramics, etc. Each class I would endure hoping the end was near,” Ms. Booth said. “As I checked it off my imaginary list, Mom was rolling her eyes and throwing up her hands in exasperation already planning my next art exposure. Then in my late 20s, my hidden talents finally bloomed and I started painting, doing stained glass, sewing and designing. Mom would say, ‘Who did this? You did this? When did you learn this? It’s beautiful’ (all said in disbelief). I smile and say, ‘Oh, just one of my hidden talents found years ago.’ Since then, I’ve taken all that I’ve learned as a child and am now using that knowledge within my glass projects.”

The Glendale resident takes photographs on her journeys and creates fused panels of landscapes using all mediums and variations of glass.

“Most of my fused panels take six or more of low kiln firings, taking the piece from background to foreground, giving the depth and texture I am wanting. Of course there’s always the occasional ‘kiln opening’ that has the undesirable results, which puts the piece back in the kiln for another firing to hopefully fix the problem. In the final firings, I add on the most prominent foreground such as tree trunks, twigs or leaves,” she said. “Due to nature’s limitless beauty, I’m never going to run out of ideas for my next fused landscape panel.”

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