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Greg Griffin is an “old school” photographer. He shoots mainly in manual mode, since he likes complete control of his art. That way, he says he can’t blame the camera if/when the shots don’t turn out as expected. He shoots with Canon 5D and 7D cameras. High school photo classes got Griffin started. He's taken numerous photography classes over the years, and at one time he was mentored by a student of Ansel Adams. Griffin has a certificate in photography from a junior college. His photographic experience is varied. Griffin has done wedding and sports photography, landscape and nature photography, and at one time he worked for a newspaper and had photo assignments. While stationed in Europe during a stint in the Air Force, Griffin had photos published on a regular basis in the monthly morale and welfare magazine.

Whether you're looking for shots of scenery, animals, or hummingbirds, be sure and check out Griffin's eye-catching photographs.

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