Teresa del Rito

In 1990, Terry (Teresa) Favour moved to the Northern New Mexico village of El Rito. She had spent the previous 10 years living in Santa Fe and had developed a real love for the art of the ethnic southwest. When she moved to El Rito, she realized that this artistic spiritual expression was alive and well. Having spent her life as a working artist, it was not surprising when she suddenly found herself inspired to develop her own version of this rich tradition. Nor was it surprising when she began to involve her son, Lorenz, because family involvement is traditional as well. As the years passed, it was obvious that Lorenz shared her delight in this process and together they have developed the rich array of artwork available today.

The arid, high desert land of New Mexico causes a unique rusting phenomenon with tin that is left outside. It is a slow process that allows the extraneous debris to vanish, leaving an intact piece of tin with a fascinating texture and a richly colored surface. This fact, along with the beautiful traditional tin art that is characteristic of the ethnic southwest, was all the inspiration Terry needed to begin her own rendition of this spiritually inspired art. She began by finding exceptional pieces of rusted tin and old barn wood. She used metal shears to shape the tin and, using appropriate tools, stamped designs into the tin, as well. She applied this tin to barnwood shapes, often a cross or a retablo, and then finished the whole thing with copper patina, a little paint, beads, candles, and wonderful imported papers. With the exception of help with the tin cutting, Teresa and Lorenz still finish every piece of art they produce in this manner. Driftwood has been added to the type of wood available.

In more recent years, Teresa began rusting some of the tin herself using only salt and water. She and Lorenz continue this process today. They also have a huge collection of found rust which they draw upon for many of their designs. Every creation that is produced by this company is skillfully and lovingly finessed into being by either Lorenz or Teresa, sometimes with a little help from Ramona, Lorenz’s talented wife. Since 2012, much of the production takes place in Arizona but New Mexico still remains an integral part of the equation.

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