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Mary Sobrina Kuder

Mary Kuder's life, beginning from a very early age, has been devoted to various artistic practices. These include mixed media painting, printmaking, textiles, and performance art.

Decorative and wearable textiles are Kuder's own unique view as a painter embracing the sensual art of textiles. Most of the pieces are figurative, drawn from live models in her extensive performance community and travels around the world. The abstract pieces were created during a time she spent living with the Pitjantjatjara and Dungati aboriginal people of central and coastal Australia.

She begins with white silk canvas on stretcher bars. She paints by brush with oils, oil and dye washes which she makes from raw pigments. Some pieces are completed after several weeks while others take several months. The pieces are unstretched, sewn by hand, and hung in the contemporary style of textile wall hanging.

Her paintings have been exhibited at MOCA in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, Elaine Sternberg Gallery, New York Art Expo, Mowen Solinsky Gallery, Cirque du Soleil, and in public and private collections around the world.

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