Carol Gandolfo: Photographer and Painter

Carol Gandolfo had little time for art while working in the aerospace industry for 20+ years and then getting her doctorate in clinical psychology. After working with people with developmental disabilities for the next several years, she moved to Sedona. Today, she enjoys photography, sculpting, pastels, acrylics, and oils. She has studied with Ken Rowe, John Soderberg, Michael Trcic, Michael Chesley Johnson, Michael Steirnagle, Paul Davis, Carolyn Ensley, Gretchen Lopez, Jim Peterson, Robert Shuman, Ian Whitehead, and others.

In 1985, Carol achieved a level of fame with a photo of her cat, Cinnamon, in a bathtub. The photo won the photo contest in the employee newspaper where Carol was a business administrator. The wet, bedraggled cat, his fiery eyes narrowed to glaring slits, his cat-brow furrowed into what could only be a frown, became quite popular.

Carol entered the same photo in a monthly contest sponsored by Petersen's Photographic magazine. This time, Cinnamon won the grand prize, and his picture appeared in the June issue.There were so many requests that the Gandolfos made a poster of it. The photo of Cinnamon is on display at Sedona Artist Market, along with some of Carol's other work.

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